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Sociology : Major Requirements

The Sociology major attracts students who want to better understand themselves, others, and the social, cultural, political, and economic environments within which social interaction occurs. The sociological method makes possible the systematic comparison of data from various types of groups, societies, cultures, and social institutions. Sociology majors take coursework in both theory and methods, allowing them to formulate generalizations aout the nature and causes of human social behavior. Majors also participate, when feasible, in experiential learning opportunities. In addition to helping students prepare for graduate study, the major helps prepare students for careers in such areas as social work, law, public health, business, and social research.

Requirements for Sociology major
I. Core courses (16 credit hours)
SOCI 110 Introduction to Sociology (4 credits)
or ANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology
SOCI/POLS 230 Introduction to Data Analysis and Statistics (4 credits)
SOCI 420 Social Theory (4 credits) *
SOCI/POLS 431 Research Design and Strategies (4 credits) *

II. Elective courses (20 credit hours)
SOCI 200 Special Topics
SOCI 235 Socialization *
SOCI 236 Cults, Sects, and the Main Line *
SOCI 242 Social Problems *
SOCI 245 Crime and Society *
SOCI/WMST 253 Social Welfare Institutions
SOCI 343 Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 344 Sociology of Deviance *
SOCI/WMST 346 Sociology of Sex and Gender *
SOCI/POLS 347 Contemporary America
SOCI/WMST 348 Sociology of Families *
SOCI 400 Special Topics *
SOCI 450 Independent Study
SOCI 470 Application of Sociology Field Work *
SOCI/GLBS 495 Global Issues Seminar
ANTH 302 The Nacirema
ANTH 303 Health and Culture *
ANTH 304 Language and Culture *
ANTH 309 Magic and Religion: An Anthropological Perspective *
ANTH 312 Violence and Culture *

Total credit hours 36

*these courses have prerequisites; see course decriptions

Sociology : Minor Requirements

Requirements for the minor in Sociology
SOCI 110 Introduction to Sociology (4 credits)
SOCI 420 Social Theory (4 credits) *
SOCI 431 Research Design and Strategies (4 credits) *

An additional 8 hours of Sociology electives are required. See list of electives above.
Total credit hours 20

*these courses have prerequisites; see course descriptions

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