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Crossing Borders: Islam and the West

Woman Pouring TeaJoin us on a journey to Morocco and the Andalusian region of southern Spain, the area called Al-Andalus when it was under Muslim rule.

The trip will begin in Grenada, Spain, where students will visit the great Moorish fortress, the Alhambra, and continue on to Algeciras, gateway to North Africa. Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, we will enter Morocco at the border town of Tangier, visit the lovely seaside village of Asilah, and stay in Morocco’s capital, Rabat. We will experience the old city of Fes, the charming tourist town of Chefchaouen and the Rif mountains. We will meet with Moroccan students and talk with American Peace Corps volunteers, hold discussions with women’s and youth groups from Morocco, and explore the souks with Moroccan students as our guides. We will visit rural families in the Rif Mountains, and share meals with private families who want to get to know Americans. On our return to Spain, we will visit the beautiful Andalusian city of Sevilla, where we will enjoy the culture of southern Spain and the chance to reflect on the connections we have made across borders, between Islamic culture and the West.

Course Schedule
Crossing Borders: Islam and the West is a four-credit, semester-length class with a trip at the end - two weeks in late May and early June. The course will meet once a week during the semester so students will be well-prepared for their trip to Spain and Morocco. The course is interdisciplinary, with readings that include fiction, political science, history, religion and anthropology. It will fulfill a Global Studies Requirement. Students can register for it as an English, Political Science or Global Studies class.

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