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Social Justice Studies Minor--FAQ's

What is the Social Justice Studies minor?
Social Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that reflects Alfred University’s commitment to social justice and honors the university’s roots in 19th century social justice movements. In the Social Justice Studies minor, students will develop the tools to analyze and the vocabulary to talk about systems of advantage and disadvantage that perpetuate inequality at the interpersonal, institutional, and cultural level. They will acquire familiarity with social movements and strategies that have been used historically to dismantle systemic inequality and to effect social change. They will examine their own identities and actions in light of their learning, engage in experiential learning, and reflect on their experience.

What are the Social Justice Studies (SJST) requirements?

  1. SJST 101 Introduction to Social Justice Studies                 4 credits
  2. SJST 450 Independent Study (or SJST 470 Practicum)       2-4 credits
  3. 14 credits of SJST electives. At least 10 elective credits must be unique to the SJST minor (i.e., not double-counting toward any other major or minor)
  4. Completion of Social Justice Studies Portfolio

Will the core course for the minor be available in the fall of 2017?
Yes. The core course will be offered for the first time in the fall of 2017.
Introduction to Social Justice Studies (SJST 101) 2:20 pm – 3:10 pm MTWF

Will any electives be offered for the minor in the fall of 2017?
Yes, nine courses will be cross-listed as electives for the minor.

ENGL 226 The Holocaust and Literature 10:20 am – 11:00 am MTWF
ENGL 461 The 99%: Social Class in American Literature 10:20 am – 11:10 am MTWF
FREN 300 Les Femmes et la Justice Sociale TBA  
POLS 316 Constitutional Law 3:20 pm –  5:10 pm MW
SPAN 213 Speaking the Unspeakable: Argentina’s Literature of Dictatorship 12:20 pm –  2:10 pm MW
SPED 456 Human Development: Exceptionality 11:20 am – 12:35 pm TR
UNIV 115 Concepts of Service Learning 4:40 pm –  5:30 pm T
UNIV 100 Topics: Artists and Activists of the Harlem Renaissance 3:20 pm –  5:10 pm    W
UNIV 100 Topics: Enacting Social Justice Through Pop Culture 1:20 pm –  3:10 pm R

Does a student have to take the core course before taking any electives?
No. However, we encourage students to take the core course as soon as possible.

Are there general education courses that might be useful for an SJST student to take?
We strongly recommend SOCI 110 as a foundational course, particularly because it's the prerequisite for advanced courses in Sociology that may be of interest to a student in the SJS program.

Do SJST electives double count for other majors or minors?
Four credits of SJST electives can double count for other majors and minors. At least ten elective credits must be unique to the SJST minor. (However, general education requirements can double-count as SJST electives.)

What can a student do with an SJST minor?
Students interested in working in government, in social work, as community activists or organizers, in non-profit work locally or NGO’s internationally—among other careers—would find an SJST minor valuable. An SJST minor will also help prepare students for graduate work of all kinds.

What if I have a question not answered here?
Contact Dr. Robert Stein (Email, 607-871-2869).

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