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Social Justice Studies

Social Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that reflects Alfred University’s commitment to social justice and honors the university’s roots in 19th century social justice movements. Social justice movements work toward a society characterized by equitable distribution of various kinds of resources (political, economic, cultural, etc.) to all identity groups. In the Social Justice Studies minor, students will develop the tools to analyze and the vocabulary to talk about systems of advantage and disadvantage that perpetuate inequality at the interpersonal, institutional, and cultural level. They will acquire familiarity with social movements and strategies that have been used historically to dismantle systemic inequality and to effect social change. They will examine their own identities and actions in light of their learning, and engage in experiential learning—getting outside of the classroom environment to develop and implement action plans and then reflecting on their experience.

The course of study will include both the breadth of a team-taught introductory core course and the depth and autonomy of a faculty-supervised capstone experience. Students will also take courses from a variety of disciplines and are strongly encouraged to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities.

Throughout the program, students will work closely with faculty who participate in the Social Justice Teaching Collective. Instructors in the program meet regularly to share readings and exchange ideas, so the minor is more than a collection of isolated courses. Students learn from teachers who learn from each other.

Requirements for the minor    
Required Core    
SJST 101 Introduction to Social Justice Studies 4
SJST 450 Independent Study or 2 - 4
SJST 470 Practicum  
Completion of Social Justice Studies Portfolio    

Elective Courses
Beyond the core and capstone, students will satisfy this interdisciplinary minor’s requirements by completing 14 credits of coursework chosen, in consultation with their SJST minor advisor, from any of the SJST designated electives offered across a range of university disciplines.  At least 10 elective credits must be unique to the SJST minor (i.e., not double-counting toward any other major or minor).

Total credit hours required   20 – 22

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