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Pre-Professional Advising

Since law schools do not require the completion of a specific undergraduate major or course of study, students interested in a career in law have a lot of freedom in choosing a major.

Students at Alfred University work with their major advisor and a pre-law advisor to develop an individualized plan in their areas of interest.

Learn how Alfred University prepares students for law school.

Alfred University offers students the academic, extracurricular, and health-related experiences they need to make them outstanding candidates for admission to the health profession of their choice.

Learn how Alfred University prepares students for the health professions.

Pre-Art Therapy
Alfred University does not currently offer a graduate program in art therapy, however, it does offer a comprehensive sequence of courses that prepares students planning to apply to an art therapy graduate program (without having to fulfill requirements for a BFA degree and a Psychology minor, or a Psychology major and an Interdisciplinary Art minor).

Learn how Alfred University prepares students for graduate work in art therapy.

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