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Alfred University's political science major provides students with the background they need to enter careers in government service, business, teaching, journalism, or law as well as preparing them for graduate study. As they learn about the institutions that shape people's lives, students are exposed to course work in

  • American Politics - learning about the way people participate in political processes as they attempt to influence the decisions made by Congress, the courts, or a bureaucratic agency.
  • Comparative Politics - learning about how the practice and structure of politics varies from one country or region of the world to another.
  • Political Theory - learning about the ideas upon which various political systems - including the U.S. system - are based.

Students may choose to pursue an internship during a semester in Washington, D.C., working for a Congressperson, a government agency, or another organization in the capital.

Fulfill a Global Studies requirement with a short term study abroad course, Crossing Borders: Islam and the West.

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