College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Planetary Science : Minor

The Planetary Science Minor allows students interested in Astronomy or Geology to broaden their perspectives and to apply their knowledge to planets other than Earth.

Course Requirements
ASTR 302 Planetary Science (2 credit hours) *

Elective Courses (at least 6 credit hours must be 200-level or above)
12 credits from the following:
ASTR 107 Astronomy Lab (2 credit hours)
ASTR 103 Introduction to Astronomy (4 credit hours)
ASTR 307 Advanced Astronomy Lab (2 credit hours)
GEOL 101 This Dynamic Earth (4 credit hours)
GEOL 110 Lunar Geology (2 credit hours)
GEOL 201 Surficial Geology (4 credit hours)
GEOL 210 Geology of Venus (2 credit hours)
GEOL 220 Geology of Mars (2 credit hours)
GEOL 408 Tectonics (4 credit hours)
GEOL 414 Geophysics (4 credit hours)

* This course has prerequisites; see Course Descriptions: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

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