College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Physics and Astronomy : Major

Core Requirements

First and Second Years:
PHY 125 Physics I
PHY 126 Physics II
PHY 325 Elementary Optics
PHY 326 Elementary Modern Physics

Third and Fourth years:
PHY 341 Advanced Laboratory
PHY 401 Quantum Physics
PHY 421 Statistical and Thermal Physics
PHY 423 Advanced Mechanics
PHY 424 Advanced Electricity & Magnetism
Plus a minimum of eight credit hours from one of the concentrations.

Total credits 40

General Physics concentration:
8 credits from among:
PHY 402 Quantum Mechanics II (4)
PHY 495 ARGUS Project/independent study (3-6), or any of the courses outlined in the other concentrations, with no more than four credits from any one concentration

Astrophysics concentration:
8 credits from among:
AST 302 Planetary Science (2)
AST 303 Stellar Astronomy (3)
AST 304 Galactic Astronomy and Cosmology (4)
AST 307 Observational Astronomy (2)

Solid State Physics concentration:
8 credits from among:
CEMS 344 Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties (3)
CEMS 347 Spectroscopy (2)
CEMS 349 X-Ray Characterization (2)
CEMS 424 Optical Properties of Glasses and Ceramics (3)
CEMS 541 Solid State Physics I (3)

Mechanical Systems concentration:
8 credits from among:
MECH 321 Thermodynamics II (3)
MECH 324 Fluid Mechanics I (3)
MECH 415 Mechanical Vibrations I (3)
MECH 424 Fluid Mechanics II (3)

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