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Physics and Astronomy

Hands-on learning
Physics and astronomy students at Alfred University focus on active learning through

  • Research projects
  • Facilities at the Stull Observatory which houses one of the larger optical telescopes in New York State
  • Study of solar physics, near earth asteroids, or variable stars
  • Computational physics using a state-of-the-art Silicon Graphics Workstation
  • Work on particle beam physics, remotely operating the Cornell Electron-Positron Storage Ring (CESR).

The Physics major is designed for students who enjoy investigating the world around them by applying fundamental principles in a quantitative manor. Concentrations are offered in

  • Astrophysics - for those interested in astronomy
  • General physics - for those with a broad interest
  • Solid state and mechanical concentrations - for those who want engineering courses as part of the physics major

All students at Alfred University have a unique opportunity to view firsthand the beauty and wonder of the nighttime sky. The Stull observatory at Alfred University houses one of the larger optical telescopes in NY state, the .82 meter Austin-Fellows Telescope. We also have a remotely operable 16-inch DFM telescope, a 9-inch refractor, and 16-inch and 20-inch Newtonian telescopes as well as a small radio telescope.

Those who want to take more than one astronomy class can either major in physics with an astrophysics concentration, or minor in astronomy. Students from a wide variety of majors have chosen to minor in astronomy.

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