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Philosophy : Major/Minor

From the classic to the modern
Alfred University philosophy students not only have the opportunity to study classic texts in depth but also to discover cutting edge work in metaphysics, ethics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of the arts. We believe that ours was one of the first departments in the world to offer a course in 21st Century Philosophy.

In addition to traditional courses, our offerings have included: "The Ethics of Everyday Living," "Animal Consciousness," "Detour from the Mainstream," "History of Chinese Thought," and "Happiness."

Small classes
Our upper level classes are small and offer students one of the best places to complete a bachelor's degree in the company of interesting people asking important questions about human activities and values. There are two major tracks:

  • General philosophy
  • Philosophy of religions

Successful graduates
Our graduates go on to pursue careers in law, education, government, and foundation work, among others. We make sure students have a solid education in philosophy, but we value the reflective life itself. If you believe "the examined life" is for you, we would love to help you on your way.

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