College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Performing Arts - Mission Statement

The faculty of the Performing Arts Division operates on the premise that we are teaching and nurturing lively individual human beings who are developing as critical thinkers and performing artists in a dynamic and ever-changing world. The complex processes we teach, and in which we engage as artists, provide for self and group expression in many realms, including the intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, social, and political. These processes also inculcate understanding in an educational setting predicated on the principles of integrated learning, directly applying the principles of a liberal arts education. We recognize and promote these processes as valuable to students in the classroom, production spaces and in performance.

Our intention is to provide our students with ideas, techniques, rehearsal methods and performance venues. These permit us individually and collectively - as students, faculty and community members - to explore the human condition, the range and intensity of human expression, and to comment on and react to the world around us. All students, regardless of major, training or experience, are openly urged to participate.

The processes of creating theatre, music, and dance is our primary focus. It is our fundamental teaching tool and the driving force behind our research and experimentation. Public performance is the culmination of the process. We strive to provide our students with meaningful experiences which will foster a continuing, long term appreciation and/or participation in the performing arts.

Through Performing Arts Division classes and performance venues, we aim to provide:

  • The best combination of curricular and co-curricular learning and performance opportunities for students at Alfred University;
  • The development of art and craft through inculcation of skills and self-discipline, leading to full participation in and advocacy of the arts;
  • The means by which all students with sufficient commitment may participate in these processes;
  • Opportunities for collaboration among all of the fine arts and other liberal arts disciplines;
  • Models for our students and colleagues in the efforts and ethics of making art within a liberal arts environment;
  • A clear, well-thought out study of diverse and evolving processes in the development of the performance arts and performing artists;
  • The surrounding University and local community with high quality work which represents a wide range of cultures, historical periods, styles, and techniques;
  • A continuous raising of cultural awareness and esteem of the performing arts.