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The Performance Design & Technology for Performance minor is unique among liberal arts programs with a design program that, as in many BFA programs, stands independently as part of the Division of Performing Arts. This allows the curriculum to expand beyond theatrical design into dance, performance art, and site-specific work, even touching on television, film, and entertainment. We aim to inspire and enable emerging artists with opportunities to gain significant practical experiences supporting a wide range of performances and events. Through classes and production experiences that add up to a powerful minor, students can join or lead design and production projects that will develop their interpretative and expressive talents.

We offer a selection of classes which, combined with hands-on training, give a student the experience to succeed. In addition to our foundation classes in design and technical theater, we offer a wide range of technology (costume construction, makeup, woodworking, props) and design (scenery, lighting, costumes, sound) or management classes.  The minor is structured to allow students to focus on either design or technology, while being exposed to both. Students in all programs at Alfred, including the School of Art & Design, College of Ceramics.  the Inamori School of Engineering and the School of Business are welcome both in classes and on productions. In addition to our excellent faculty, we host guest artists, both on productions and in the classroom, who share their expertise and experiences with all of our students. Along with the rest of the Division of Performing Arts, we have also offered workshops in career development, technical skills and creating artistic work.  The Division of Performing Arts has an active production schedule of theatrical productions, dance performances and music events. The Miller Performing Arts Center houses both the C.D. Smith III Theatre, a flexible black box space, and the Miller Theater, a large proscenium hall. Students interested in design and technology can be involved in any and all aspects of production. Students are encouraged to learn about the wholeness and complexity of any type of performance, and to recognize the necessity for seamless collaborations. 

Student designers, managers and technicians may choose to present their work at the annual regional Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and the USITT conferences. Several Performance Design & Technology students have been recognized at both the regional and national KCACTF conferences, including Allison Burrell for her costume designs of ALMOST, MAINE (2013-2014), Jen McClure for her craftsmanship for CLOUD NINE (2004-2005) and Jane Mahoney for her costume designs for THE ASH GIRL (2016-2017).

Our program is small enough to focus on the individual needs of each student while recognizing and further developing the unique talents each brings to the program. We intend to prepare our students for their further development in graduate programs, internships or the professional world. To this end, we encourage students to participate in professional development and internship programs. Many of our students work professionally during the summer and are employed in theatres across New York State, and in the vibrant performance communities in New York City, Pittsburgh and Boston as designers, technicians and managers.

For additional information please email or call the Division Office, 607.871.2562.

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