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Alfred University’s Dance Department fosters students’ creativity, curiosity, and imagination through the art of dance and dance making. It is open to students of all levels, regardless of experience or past training, who want to include a dance practice in their academic experience. Course offerings available to students focus on composition, dance and performing skills, and dance’s historical and aesthetic knowledge.

Students interested in pursuing deeper studies in dance can elect to minor in dance. Alfred University's dance minor is composition based and designed to develop artistry in dance making, performance, and site specific performance. The program encourages cross-disciplinary work with visual art, environmental studies, sound design, music, performance art, and theater - drawing from strengths unique and specific to Alfred University.

Students have many professional level opportunities to perform and engage with the larger dance world, including working with world-class guest artists, and performing and choreographing for AU Dance Theater. Through rigorous individual and collaborative explorations in dance, students develop skills that serve them as they pursue a variety of career and graduate school opportunities.

The Marlin and Ginger Miller Dance Residency Program brings nationally acclaimed dance companies, choreographers, and artists to AU, offering phenomenal opportunities for students to work and learn with artists of the highest caliber. Our guests have included Brian Brooks and Wendy Whelan, Ann Carlson, Kyle Abraham/Abraham in Motion, Jane Comfort, Yoshiko Chuma, Ishmael Houston Jones, Nick Cave and many more.

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What Students Say...

"I remember the actual day, the class here at Alfred, when I dedicated myself to dance. I am an artist, and I realized at that point that I express myself through the visual arts, but I experience myself, and the rest of the world, through dance."
- Danielle Smith
Dance Minor, Class of 2007