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Spanish : Minor

Spanish Minors acquire advanced language skills as well as knowledge of diverse cultures. Students from a variety of backgrounds develop critical thinking skills and the capacity for positive interaction with people from around the world.


  • Participate in 3 weekly classes with a professor and one weekly conversation hour with an international TA in intermediate Spanish
  • Live in the Language House with a native speaker of Spanish
  • Join Poder Latino and enjoy Hispanic cultural events
  • Take a faculty led Global Perspectives course to Spain or Spanish America
  • Study Abroad for a least a semester or more in Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica...

Course work includes a variety of specialized classes in Spanish and Hispanic literature and cultures.

Combining a Spanish Minor with a major such as Education, Political Science, Psychology, Fine Arts or Business offers students an edge in today's competitive global market.

Minor Requirements:

Core Courses: (+16 credits)

Must have both of the following courses:
SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition 4
SPAN 360 Literary Theory Seminar 4

Choose 311 OR 312
SPAN 311 Peninsular Culture and Literature I 4
SPAN 312 Peninsular Culture and Literature II 4

Choose 315 OR 316

SPAN 315 Latin American Culture and Literature I 4
SPAN 316 Latin American Culture and Literature II 4

Elective Courses: (+4 credits)

SPAN 202 Spanish IV 4

Recently offered SPAN electives:

SPAN 210 Pilgrims and Tourists Santiago 4
SPAN 212 Buenos Aires: Latin American Film 2
SPAN 215 Framing Gender: Latin American Film 4
SPAN 216 Cuba Close Up: Film since the Revolution 4

Topics Courses:

Literatura infantil y juvenil 4
Twisted Testimonies of the Spanish Inquisition 4
The Bombs and Ballots of Nationalist Terrorism in Spanish Politics and Literature 4
Argentina: Stories of a Nation 2
Film in Spain 4
Violence, Memory and Trauma in Literature by Latin American Women 4

Total credit hours 20

*Please note:

Minors may take a maximum 4 credits at the 100 or 200 level, only one course (4 credits) at the 200 level will be accepted.

A grade of C or higher must be earned in all courses that count toward completion of the minor program.

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