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Spanish : Major

Spanish Majors acquire the language skills and cultural knowledge needed to participate effectively in academic, professional and social settings.


  • Participate in 3 weekly classes with a professor and one weekly conversation hour with an international TA in intermediate Spanish
  • Live in the Language House with a native speaker of Spanish
  • Join Poder Latino and enjoy Hispanic cultural events
  • Attend El cafecito, AU's Spanish Culture & Conversation Club held weekly at the Language House
  • Take a faculty led Global Perspectives course to Spain or Spanish America
  • Study Abroad for a least a semester or more in Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica...

Core Courses in the languages, literatures and cultures of Spain and Latin America build strong communication plus critical thinking skills fostering student's ability to make connections among cultures, artistic and literary tendencies, historical events and political movements.

Elective Courses integrate core knowledge with specialized studies.

Major Requirements:

Core Courses: must take all of the following courses (24 credits)
SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition 4
SPAN 360 Literary Theory Seminar 4
SPAN 311 Peninsular Culture and Literature I 4
SPAN 312 Peninsular Culture and Literature II 4
SPAN 315 Latin American Culture and Literature I 4
SPAN 316 Latin American Culture and Literature II 4
SPAN 490 Modern Languages Senior Seminar 0

Elective Courses: choose 12 credits from among the following: (12 credits)
SPAN 2__ Topics 2-4
*Please note Majors: only one level 200 course may count toward fulfilling your major requirement.*
SPAN 3__ Topics 2-4
SPAN 4__ Topics 2-4
SPAN 450 Independent Study 2-4

Recently offered SPAN electives:

SPAN 210 Pilgrims and Tourists Santiago 4
SPAN 212 Buenos Aires: Latin American Film 2
SPAN 215 Framing Gender: Latin American Film 4
SPAN 216 Cuba Close Up: Film since the Revolution 4

Topics Courses:

Literatura infantil y juvenil 4
Twisted Testimonies of the Spanish Inquisition 4
The Bombs and Ballots of Nationalist Terrorism in Spanish Politics and Literature 4
Argentina: Stories of a Nation 2
Film in Spain 4
Violence, Memory and Trauma in Literature by Latin American Women 4

Total credit hours 36

Any student planning to teach in the secondary schools, are required to discuss the requirements for certification with the Chair of the Division of Education along with obtaining their initials on the Major in Spanish form.

*Please note: A grade of C or higher must be earned in all courses that count toward completion of the major program. One English-language SPAN elective is accepted toward the major. The pursuit of some independent study is expected. Majors are encouraged, but not required, to spend a semester in a Spanish language Study Abroad program. However, courses taken abroad must be pre-approved by ML faculty and offered in Spanish in order to count toward the major.

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