College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Modern Languages - Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Society, recognizes outstanding accomplishment in the study or teaching of any of the academic fields related to foreign language, literature and culture.

Students Invited to Membership at AU include junior and senior undergraduates of foreign language who:

  1. have at least 3.00 average in all foreign language courses and their entire college work
  2. have completed at least one course at the third-year level
  3. rank in the highest 35th percentile of their class in general scholarship

PSI History:

  • 1922 - founded at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania by Dr. Henry W. Church
  • April 1925 - became a national society when the Beta Chapter was established at The Pennsylvania State University
  • May 1926 - the first convention was held at Allegheny College
  • 1949 - Phi Sigma Iota was voted into the US Association of College Honor Societies, the first language society to receive that honor
  • May 12, 1969 - the Sigma Tau Chapter of PSI at Alfred University was established
  • 1982 - the Society became the International Foreign Language Honor Society by installing its first chapter in a foreign country at Universidad Regiomontana, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Today the Society maintains approximately 250 local chapters in the US, France and Mexico

2017 Phi Sigma Iota Inductees:

Adam B. Brewer
Nellie Faie Burch
Elisabeth Mary Estep
Jillian T. Mullen
Allison Naclerio
James Henry Piombino
Megan Elizabeth Steen
Amanda Weaver

2016 Phi Sigma Iota Inductees:

Taylor Marie Jacko
Emily June Stoddard

2015 Phi Sigma Iota Inductees:

Dannicke N. Chantiloupe
Anthony C. Davis-Crowder
Megan Erin Fitzgerald
Jessica McCallops
Emily Poole
Jasmine A. Ramón
Rebekah J. Tribble

2014 Phi Sigma Iota Inductees:

Jennifer M. Cox
Aubrey L. Fry
Jennifer C. Futterman
Alexandria Garcia
Stacey Marie Santee

Honorary Member:

Huiyang Li

2013 Phi Sigma Iota Inductees:

Julia Berke
Adam S. Brien
Alina Maria Cepulis
Sarah Deitsch
Trisha L. Fromm
Jennifer Lyn Lepore
Nicole M. Mekker
Timothy L. Mordaunt
Danica J. Ostrander
Nora Peters
Samantha L. Randall
Lindsey Vicoria

2012 Phi Sigma Iota Inductees:

Kalyn R. Broderick
Hannah Dunscombe
Renée Duquette
Klay Enos
Jordyn T'Keyah Larkins
Julia Anne Nelson
Sarah Orner
Mary J. Peterson
Radu Victor Rotaru
Jessica Streisel

2011 Phi Sigma Iota Inductees:

Keriann Bellamy
Eun S. Cho
Wun Shi Hoi Jason
Nicholas J. Jimenez
Ean R. - Mitchell
Melissa Rae Roginski
Jessica Taylor
Nicholas R. Walker

Honorary Members:

Luwei Fan
Dr. Wilfred Vincent Huang
Yang Lin
Mariluz Ortiz Vergara

Contact us:

Dr. Cecilia Beach, Professor of French
President of Sigma Tau Chapter, Phi Sigma Iota at Alfred University

Michele Gaffney, Secretary
Division of Modern Languages at Alfred University

To understand others, is to understand oneself, one's culture and one's heritage.

(motto of Phi Sigma Iota)