College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Modern Languages - Honors

Division of Modern Languages honors or prizes that may be awarded to outstanding students are:

Award for Academic Excellence in Modern Languages: This award is given to the senior foreign language major with the highest overall grade point average.

Honors within the field of Specialization. These honors may be awarded to seniors at graduation. Candidates for honors shall have:

  1. attained a cumulative GPA of 3.30 in the courses of their major field
  2. earned at least two semester hours of credit in independent study
  3. excelled at the capstone exam in the major

Lea Powell Prize in Modern Languages: This award is given to an outstanding scholar majoring in Modern Languages whose performance serves as an example to others.

Modern Languages Culture Award: This award is given to the student who has contributed the most to cultural programs, including foreign language club activities.

Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Society: This honor society recognizes outstanding accomplishment in the study or teaching of any of the academic fields related to foreign language, literature and culture. Student members at AU include junior and senior undergraduates of foreign languages who:

  1. have at least 3.0 average in all foreign-language courses and their entire college work
  2. have completed at least one course, in a foreign language, at the third-year level
  3. rank in the highest 35th percentile of their class in general scholarship