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Why Study Mathematics and Computer Science?

Prepare for an exciting career
The study of mathematics and computer science can lead to an exciting career in a variety of professional areas, includingscientific research, engineering, finance, software development, actuarial science, data science, industry, business, education, and government service. Because of the wide range of uses for mathematics and computer science and the need for those who are skilled in these disciplines, employment prospects are typically quite good. Learn more about careers in mathematics and computer science.

Help solve important problems
Mathematicians and computer scientists help create, understand, and analyze mathematical and computer models that deal with some of the most important problems of our time, such as climate change, medical research, human behavior, internet security, and new energy resources.

Discover the worlds within and around us
When viewed as abstract disciplines, mathematics and computer science are appreciated for their intrinsic beauty; they develop fundamental theories that provide order, certainty, and truth on both logical and intellectual levels. As applied sciences, mathematics and computer science are appreciated for their ability to describe pattern, symmetry, and change, and for their power to predict, infer, simulate, and optimize real events and natural phenomena.

Why Study Math and CS at Alfred University?

Because the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science serves a university with significant engineering, liberal arts, and business programs, we can offer a curriculum that is more applications-oriented than those found at traditional liberal arts schools.

Students have the option of earning either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science, or a minor in mathematics or computer science. Depending on their interests, some mathematics majors decide to double major in a scientific or business-related discipline, or pursue an an education minor for teaching at the middle and high-school levels. Conversely, a student in a non-mathematical discipline may strategically pair his or her major with a math or computer science minor in order to complement it with a deeper knowledge and understanding of quantitative reasoning, mathematical methods, or data analysis.

Each of the six faculty members in the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science are dedicated to teaching and advising, as well as to mathematics itself. Since their specialties and interests are diverse, they frequently run independent studies on topics that are not part of the regular curriculum. Recent topics include Raspberry Pi, Egyptian mathematics, and stock market valuation through data analysis.

Faculty offices are located around the Math Common Room, a space where students feel free to drop in all day. Whether using this room for study or visiting a teacher, students quickly become accustomed to talking with faculty outside of class.

Recent Graduates
Some of our graduates pursue advanced study in pure or applied mathematics, education, biostatistics, and business. In recent years, our students have attended graduate school at Case Western, University of Buffalo, Northeastern, and LSU, to name a few. Other students choose to enter the workforce after graduation as actuaries, teachers, and accountants. Recent employers include Travelers Insurance, Teach for America, and Relin, Goldstein & Crane LLP.


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