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Program goal Alfred University students studying Belize Mayan ruins
The goal of the global studies major is to increase understanding not only of the variety and complexity of modern human patterns, within the particular environments, histories, and traditions of populations ranging from ethnic groups to nation-states, but also of the interactions among those groups and the consequences of their interactions.

Interdisciplinary approach
The global studies program fosters international awareness through an interdisciplinary approach to academic work. Students are provided with access to a multidisciplinary global view through interaction with faculty in a range of specialties.

Program features
Global studies majors choose from three tracks of study: general global studies; international relations; or international business. Study Abroad is strongly encouraged but not required. Requirements for the major include

  • Required introduction to global studies
  • Broad selection of core courses in contemporary global issues across the curriculum (from anthropology, economics, history, and political science)
  • Capstone senior seminar emphasizing original research based on study abroad experience
  • Proficiency in a modern language
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