College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
General Science

Alfred University's General Science major is designed for students who are looking for a broad background in the sciences, without the depth of focus on a single science required for an individual science major. It includes courses in biology, chemistry, geology and physics with a concentration in one of these fields. The concentration involves some depth of study, but not to the extent required for a major in the discipline.

The General Science major is well suited for those going into science writing or science policy or entering a field where breadth of science knowledge is more important than depth.

Requirements of the Major
Students must complete the Breadth and Depth requirements.

Take all of these courses:

BIOL 150 Biological Foundations

CHEM 105 General Chemistry I
CHEM 106 General Chemistry II

ENVS 101 Environmental Studies I - Natural Science

MATH 151 Calculus I
MATH 152 Calculus II

Take one of the following:

BIOL 207 Introduction to Anataomy and Physiology
BIOL 211 Cell Biology
BIOL 322 Botany
BIOL 354 Ecology

Take two of the following:

GEOL 101 This Dynamic Earth
GEOL 104 Earth and Life Through Time
GEOL 201 Surficial Geology

Take one of the following sequences of courses:

PHYS 111/112 Introductory General Physics I and II (8 credits total)
PHYS 125/126 Physics I and II (8 credits total)

A minimum of 10 credits at the 300 level or above from one of the disciplines represented above. (Not to include BIOL 322 or 354)

Total credit hours 54

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