College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
First Year Experience

The First Year Experience Program gives every first year student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences the opportunity to participate in a small seminar taught by one of the University's best professors. Whether the seminar is Tales of Terror or American Politics, FYE students develop valuable and rewarding relationships with both their classmates and their professors.

First Year Experience classes are offered exclusively to first-semester, first-year students. With small class sizes, FYE seminars provide the personal attention and intimate classroom environment that make the transition to college both manageable and meaningful.

All FYE classes fulfill one of the General Education Requirements for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. However, the subject matter of the FYE class is not limited to Music, Literature, Science or Sociology. The class also focuses on your education, and invites you to be part of an intellectual community. As you learn the material of the course, you'll pay special attention to some of the fundamental skills that lead to academic success, like writing and research. You'll also think, talk, and write about what it means to be a college student, so you can get the most out of your college experience. Each seminar works outside the boundaries of the traditional classroom to help you discover the diversity and richness of the Alfred Community.

Each FYE class has an upper-class student acting as a "Peer Leader." Peer Leaders are hand-selected by the faculty to serve as role models and allies for new Alfred students. They are there to help you learn how to learn, and they can provide a valuable voice of experience as you enter into college life.

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