College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Foreign Language Culture Studies - Major

Foreign Language and Culture Studies with a concentration in French is an interdisciplinary major that requires 16 credits of upper-level French courses, an intermediate level in a second foreign language and a selection of courses in related fields such as history, art history, global studies, anthropology or linguistics.

Core Courses
FREN 302 Advanced French Grammar & Composition (4 credits)
FREN 202 or above Major Level French Courses (16 credits)
Second Foreign Language at the 200-level or above (minimum 8 credits)

Possible Elective Courses
Additional Upper-level courses in French or another foreign language
Global History Courses, particularly French or Francophone history
Global Art History courses, particularly dealing with French and/or Francophone regions
Global Studies Courses
Anthropology Courses
Political Science Courses with an international focus
Economics Courses with an international focus