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Foreign Language and Culture Studies with a concentration in French - Major

Foreign Language and Culture Studies with a concentration in French is an interdisciplinary major that requires 40 credits:

  • 20 credits of upper-level French courses
  • Minimum of 8 credits in a second foreign language
  • 12 credits of electives either in French or in related fields

This major is more interdisciplinary and flexible than a traditional French major, preparing students for a wide variety of careers in the global arena.

Opportunities for students in the major include:

  • Live in the Language House with a native speaker of French and/or Spanish
  • Participate in extracurricular activities such as the French Conversation Hour
  • Take a faculty-led Global Perspectives course to a variety of locations including Paris, Argentina, Spain, Morocco and Botswana
  • Study Abroad for at least one semester in a French-speaking country such as France, Switzerland, Senegal ...

Other Requirements for the Major:

  • A grade of C or higher must be earned in all courses that count toward a completion of the major
  • At least 20 credits taught in French
  • At least 20 credits must be taken on AU campus

Possible electives for the Foreign Language and Culture Studies with a concentration in French major:

  • Additional upper-level courses in French or in another foreign language
  • Global History courses, particularly French or Francophone history
  • Global Art History course, particularly dealing with French and/or Francophone regions
  • Linguistics
  • Courses in Global Studies and/or Anthropology (suchs as ANTH 304: Language and Culture)
  • Political Science and/or Economics courses with an international focus

*Please Note:

  • This list is not exclusive and may change according to staffing and course offerings.
  • All courses taken abroad or in affiliated fields (e.g. history, art history or linguistics) must be pre-approved by the major advisor.

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