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Students with artworkThe Liberal Arts program in Interdisciplinary Art is a unique program of study which integrates art making and art theory. Our foundation classes are small enough that individual voices stand out. Our program is rigorous, diverse, and designed for the student who wishes to major in art within the broad-based context of a liberal arts education.

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Course sequence
The foundation program is a four-semester sequence of courses:

  • Interdisciplinary Art 1: Seeing, Perception and Interpretation - Fundamental concepts of 2D composition through drawing and painting.
  • Interdisciplinary Art 2: Space, Structure and Environment - Fundamental sculptural elements in form, mass, scale, structure and space.
  • Interdisciplinary Art 3: Body, Time and Movement - Time-based, process-oriented work including drawing, video and performance art.
  • Interdisciplinary Art 4: Image, Text and Culture - Explorations of art and language, focusing on digital photography.

These courses are team-taught by studio artists, theorists and visiting artists. They incorporate both intensive studio work in a range of media and techniques and a solid introduction to theoretical issues through readings, research and lively discussions. Students engage the skills and ideas that inform art-making within the context of contemporary culture.

Advantages of interdisciplinary art at Alfred University

  • Concentrations in Visual Art, Art History/Theory and Performing Arts
  • Housed within the Liberal Arts program
  • Team-teaching environment
  • Small class size
  • No portfolio requirement
  • 4 credits per course
  • Emphasis given to both critical reading/discussion and studio artwork
  • Foundation courses lay the framework in formal issues and conceptual exploration
  • Large, open facility with fully equipped digital lab
  • Upper level course offerings in all concentrations
  • Senior Seminar focusing on professional practices
  • Biannual Foundations Exhibition
  • Optional Senior Exhibition

There are two degrees in the Interdisciplinary Art major:

  • B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art
  • B.S. in Interdisciplinary Art with Art Education

In the B.A. program, students complete the foundation sequence and then choose one of three concentrations: visual arts, performing arts, or art history/theory.

Students in the B.S. program also complete the foundation sequence. This degree combines a major in Interdisciplinary Art with a minor in Education. This degree prepares students to be art teachers in grades K-12 in New York State.

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