College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
BS Interdisciplinary Art with Art Education Major Requirements

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Art with Art Education

Degree Credit Hours    
General Education Requirements   24-34
Major Requirements   62
Minor Requirements   33
Physical Education   0-4
Total degree credit hours   129-133

In addition to major and minor requirements, students complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Requirements as well as University requirements in Physical Education and Global Perspective.

Requirements in the Interdisciplinary Art Major    
IART 101-104 Interdisciplinary Art I-IV  16
PHIL 283 Philosophy of the Arts I  4
ARTH 100-level Art History  6
IART 460 Interdisciplinary Art Seminar  4
Visual studio electives (12 must be 300 level)   24
Theory elective    4
Art History elective    4
Total major credit hours   62
Requirements in the Art Education Minor    
EDUC 230 Psychological Foundations of Education  3
EDUC 231 Social Foundations of Education  3
EDUC 345 Education Fieldwork  3
EDUC 405 Literacy in the Content Area  3
EDUC 413 Using Literature in Intermediate/Adolescent Classrooms  3
EDUC 460 Seminar:  Teaching & Profess Develop in Visual Arts  3
EDUC 463 Student Teaching—Art Education 12
EDUC 491 Methods and Curriculum in Art Education  3
SPED 456 Human Development:  Exceptionality  3
Total minor credit hours   33

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