Faculty and Staff
David A. Marsh
Assistant Professor Chemistry
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location: Myers Hall 224
Department: Chemistry  
Phone: 607.871.2822  
PhD: Inorganic Chemistry
University of California - Irvine, 08/2013

B.S.: Chemistry
University at Buffalo, 05/2008

Areas of Concentration
Materials Chemistry Chemical Education

Post-Doctoral Education
Research with the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) at University of Oregon

Selected Publications
Marsh, D. A.; Yan, W.; Liu, Y.; Hemminger, J. C.; Penner, R. M.; Borovik, A. S. Water oxidation using a cobalt monolayer prepared by underpotential deposition. Langmuir 2013, 29 (47), 14728-14732. Marsh, D. A.; Szyndler, M. W.; Borovik, A. S.; Corn, R. M., Preparation of monolithic superparamagnetic nanoparticle-polymer composites using a polymerizable acetylacetonate and magnetite nanoparticles. Polymer Chemistry 2012, 3, 2852-2856. Hammann, B. A.; Marsh, D. A.; Ma, Z. L.; , Wood, S. R.; West, M. E.; Johnson, D. W.; Hayes, S. E. Synthetic Routes to a Nanoscale Inorganic Cluster [Ga13(µ3-OH)6(µ2-OH)18(H2O)](NO3)15 Evaluated by Solid-State 71Ga NMR. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2016, In Press.