Faculty and Staff
Robert A. Heineman
Prof Political Sci, Emeritus
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location:
Phone: 607.871.2215  
B.A.: Political Science
Bradley University, 1961

M.A.: Government
The American University, 1963

Ph.D.: School of Government and Public Administration
The American University, 1966

Alfred University Rank: Professor of Political Science
Alfred, New York September, 1971 to present
Excellence in Teaching Award, 1990, 2005
Faculty Leadership Award, ODK, 2000

Professional Experience

Eastern Washington State College Rank: Assistant Professor of Cheney, Washington Political Science September, 1964 August, 1967

Bradley University Rank: Assistant Professor of Peoria, Illinois Political Science September, 1967 August, 1971 (Acting Chair 1969/1970; tenure granted for September, 1971)

Current Research
Marguerite Eyer Wilbur Foundation, 1992.
Alfred University NEH Research Grant, 1992.
Alfred University Summer Research Grant, 1985.
The Salvatori Center, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, California, 1981-1982.
Hamline University Fellowship, Institute on Africa, St. Paul, Minnesota, June/July, 1970.

Selected Publications
Books, Book Chapter

Ethics and Public Policy (with W. T. Bluhm) Prentice-Hall, 2006.

The World of the Policy Analyst (with W. T. Bluhm, E. Kearny, and S. Peterson), 3rd, revised edition; New York: Chatham House, 2002.

American Government (with S. Peterson and T. Rasmussen), 2nd, revised edition; New York: McGrawHill, 1995.

Political Science: An Introduction, New York: McGrawHill, 1995.

Authority and the Liberal Tradition, 2nd, revised edition; New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 1994.

"The President and the Federal Courts" in Edward N. Kearny (ed.), Dimensions of the Modern Presidency. St. Louis: Forum Press, 1981.


“Edmund Burke and the American Nation,” Political Science Reviewer (2006), 101-122.

"The Silent Revolution: Party, Ideological, and Group Dimensions of the Immigration Crisis" (with Edward N. Kearny) Perspectives on Political Science (Fall, 2002), pp. 196-203.

"The Power of the States," World & I (February, 2001), pp. 34-39.

"All Politics Is Local," World & I (November, 2000), pp. 36-41.

"The Constitution and Campaign Reform," World & I (March, 2000),pp. 46-51.

"The Senate Filibuster: A Constitutional Critique" (with Edward N. Kearny), Perspectives on Political Science (Winter, 1997), pp. 5-9.

"Redefining Public Service," INC. (May, 1995), p. 13.

"Ill-Conceived Calls for Public Service," The Chronicle of Higher Education, XLI (December 7, 1994), B2-B3 (Opinion Section). Letters of response in the Chronicle of January 13 and 27, 1995.

Symposium "Individual Rights and the Other Constitutions: New Directions in State Constitutional Law" (co-editor with Peter Galie), in Perspectives on Political Science (Summer, 1993; Fall, 1993).

"Fin de Siecle Federalism: The Supreme Court and the Redistribution of Constitutional Power" in Perspectives on Political Science (Summer, 1993), pp. 102-109.

"Reflections on Building an Active State Association" (with John Harman, Nancy McGlen, Lotte Feinberg), PS: Political Science & Politics (June, 1993), pp. 298-301.

"Scenario for a Centrist Revolt: Third Party Prospects in a Time of Ideological Polarization" (with Edward N. Kearny), Presidential Studies Quarterly, XXII (Winter, 1992), 107-118.

"Teaching Program Implementation," NEWS for Teachers of Political Science (Winter, 1986), 10-11.

"Ideological Inflexibility and the Human Condition," The University Bookman, XX (Winter, 1980), 27-39.

"Lobbying by Foreign Governments on the Sugar Act Amendments of 1962" (with D. Berman) Law and Contemporary Problems, XXVIII (Spring, 1963), 416-427.

Review Essays

“Downsizing Democracy,” The Independent Review (Summer, 2004), 141-143.

“Particularity: The Root of American Character,” Texas Education Review (Winter, 2003-2004).

“Up in Smoke,” The Independent Review (Winter, 2003), pp. 463-466.

"That's Not What We Meant To Do," The Independent Review (Fall, 2001), pp. 275-278.

"Capitalism, Democracy, and Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery," The Independent Review (Fall, 2000), pp. 295-298.

"Conservatism in the US: 1976 to the Present," Choice (May, 1997), pp. 1451-1458. May be accessed at www.townhall.com/phillysoc/heineman.htm.

"Science and Society: Meaning and History," Journal of Social and Biological Structures, IX (July, 1986), 289-294.

"Tradition and the American Conservative," Teaching Political Science, XIII (Summer, 1986), 174-178.

"E Pluribus Unum? Recent Critiques of Liberal Democracy," The Political Science Reviewer, XIII (1983), 6998.

"Law and Culture: A Critique of Bozeman's Approach to Comparative Generalization," Middle East Forum, XLVII (Winter, 1971), 127-135.

Over 50 book reviews in various journals.

Professional Affiliations
Professional Activities

President, New York State Political Science Association, 1992-1993. Vice President and Program Chair, 1991-1992. Executive Board, 1987-1991.

Executive Board, Northeastern Political Science Association, 1991-1992.

Board of Editors, Polity, 1989-1995.

Service as paper presenter, panel chair, or discussant at numerous political science conventions and conferences.

Monthly political commentator, "Newsmakers" program, WLEA, Hornell, NY.

Semi-monthly column "From the County," Alfred Sun and the Cuba Patriot.

External Evaluator Political Science Majors: Lenior-Rhyne College (March 1998); Houghton College (April 1999).

Co-founder, Sullivan Policy Institute, Rochester, N.Y.

Government Activities

Allegany County Legislature, 1995-2005.

Chair, Advisory Board, Allegany County Youth Court, 2002-present.

Community Liaison, Staff of Assemblywoman Catharine Young, 149th Assembly District, 1999-2000.

Treasurer, GOP Delegates for 31st Congressional District, Federal Political Action Committee for April, 2000, NYSGOP Presidential Primary.

College Council, SUNY-Geneseo, 1998-present.

Campaign Manager, Randal J. Belmont, Sheriff Campaign, Allegany County, 1998. Elected for four-year term; Advisor for successful re-election campaign, 2002.

Alfred Village Justice, 1982 to 1991.

Trustee, Alfred Village Board, 1977-1980; ViceChair, Alfred Village Planning Board, 1976-1977.

Member, Washington, Illinois, Police Commission, 1969-1971.

U.S. Bureau of the Budget, Executive Office of the President, April October, 1963; June, 1964.

Assistant to State Senator James Clark, Maryland State Senate, Spring, 1963.

Area Redevelopment Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C., June September, 1962.

Other University Duties and Activities

Director, Master of Professional Studies in Community Services Administration Program (1977 to 2006).

Director, Center for Research & Scholarly Activity (1989 to 1994). Coordinated applications to governmental agencies and foundations resulting in over $1.5 million in funding.

Campus Coordinator, New York State Public Service Training Program for management and supervisory personnel (1984 to 2000).

Chairperson - Social Sciences Division (September, 1971 to January, 1988). The Social Sciences Division offers undergraduate majors in Criminal Justice Studies, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, and course work in Anthropology.

Director, Criminal Justice Studies Program (1975 to 1984; 2005 to present).

Interinstitutional Representative, Washington Semester Program (1971-present).

Member of New York State Education Department Evaluation Team for Medaille College, Buffalo, NY, March, 1980.

Coordinator, National Strategy Information Center Conference on Arms Control, Alfred University, April 2324, 1976.

Primary role in establishing and obtaining state approval for undergraduate majors in Public Administration and Criminal Justice Studies and graduate program in Community Services Administration.

Service on a variety of permanent and temporary university committees.

Professional Memberships
Academy of Political Science
American Political Science Association
Federalist Society
New York State Magistrates Association
New York State Political Science Association
Phi Kappa Phi
Philadelphia Society
Policy Studies Organization