Faculty and Staff
Sandra L. Singer
Professor of German
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location: Perlman Hall 206
Department: Modern Languages  
Ph.D.: German
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992

M.A.: German
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1986

B.A.: German
Michigan State University, 1983

Selected Publications
Rew. of Irmela von der Lühe/Claus-Dieter Krohn, eds. Fremdes Heimatland. Remigration und literarisches Leben nach 1945. German Studies Review (May 2007) 443.
“Isolde Kurz: Die Humanisten (1890).” Lexikon deutschsprachiger Epik und Dramatik von Autorinnen, 1730-1900. Eds. Gudrun Loster-Schneider and Gaby Pailer. Tübingen, Germany: Narr Francke Attemtpo Verlag, 2006. 248-249.
“Isolde Kurz: Werthers Grab (1900).” Lexikon deutschsprachiger Epik und Dramatik von Autorinnen, 1730-1900. Eds. Gudrun Loster-Schneider and Gaby Pailer. Tübingen, Germany: Narr Francke Attemtpo Verlag, 2006. 249-251.
“Die ersten Nordamerikanerinnen an der Universität Zürich, 1868-1915.” Zürcher Taschenbuch auf das Jahr 2006. Ed. Otto Sigg. Zurich: Buchdruckerei an der Sihl AG, 2005. 465-480.
“Göttingen, University of.” Germany and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History. Ed. Tomas Adam. Vol. 2. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC CLIO, 2005. 459-460.
Adventures Abroad: North American Women at German-speaking Universities, 1868-1915. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003.
“Mutter des Vaterlands, Tochter der Lilith: Isolde Kurz (1853-1944)." Deutschsprachige Schriftstellerinnen des Fin de siecle. Ed. Karin Tebbin. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1999. 216-233.
Free Soul, Free Woman? A Study of Selected Fictional Works by Hedwig Dohm, Isolde Kurz and Helene Böhlau. New York: Peter Lang, 1995.
Conference Papers:
“Those Great German-Speaking Universities and How to Get There: Funding for American Women to Study Abroad, 1888-1915.” American Historical Association. Jan. 3 – 6, 2008. Washington, D.C.
"American Women at German Universities: What a Difference a Year or Two Can Make." German Studies Association. Sept. 28- Oct. 1, 2006. Pittsburgh, PA.
“On transcending Sex and Sexuality: Women’s Emancipation in Rosa Mayreder’s 'Zur Kritik der Weiblichkeit' and Hedwig Dohn’s 'Die Antifeministen.'” Modern Language Association. Dec. 27-30, 1993. Toronto, Ontario.
“The Lure of Buddha and Blavasky: eastern Mysticism in Hedwig Dohm’s 'Schicksale einer Seele' and Helene Bohlau’s 'Halbtier'!” German Studies Association. Oct. 7-10, 1993. Washington D.C.

Honors and Awards
Alfred University, NEH Research Grants, Summer 1998, 1999 and 2005.
Summer Research Grant, Alfred University, Alfred, NY 1995.
Knapp Fellowship, German, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985-6.
Classics Dept. Award, Michigan State University, 1983.
Member of Honor Societies: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Phi Alpha (German), and Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Languages).

Teaching Interests
Encouraging students to learn and speak German is a key part of my work here at Alfred University. At all levels, students have opportunities to explore the cultures of German-speaking countries and to inform themselves about the latest developments in those countries.
I see technology as a tool for bringing the most current information into the classroom. For example, I use German news podcasts in intermediate and advanced classes to help keep students informed about developments in the world, to expand students' vocabulary, and to strengthen listening comprehension skills.
In addition to language courses, I teach courses on Literary Theory, German Literature of all periods, German History and Culture, and German Film.
My teaching interests also include Latin. I have taught beginning and intermediate Latin courses. In these courses, I try to balance introducing basic grammar with shorter readings, and an exploration of the history of Latin and its influence on the Western World, the Greek and Latin roots of English, and the history of the Roman Republic and Empire. Readings include excerpts from Phaedrus, Hyginus, Ovid, Vergil, Catullus, Cicero, Caesar, Tacitus, and Livy, as well as readings selected to inform students about the lives of women and girls in the Roman world.

Current Research
American Women at German-speaking Universities, 1868-1915
Poetry, Essays, and Fiction of Hilde Domin
The fiction and non-fiction of women writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including: Hedwig Dohm, Ilse Frapan, Rosa Mayreder, and Gabriele Reuter.

Faculty Service
Women's Studies, Organizer of Women's Studies Roundtable
President, Alpha Gamma of New York chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Alfred University