Faculty and Staff
Zakia Robana
Retiree, Asst Prof French
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location:
Phone: 607.871.2880  
Zakia Robana
M.A.: Education
Alfred University, 1981

B.A.: French
Alfred University, 1978

Licence de Lettres
University of Tunis, 1975

Teaching Interests
French Language and Culture.
Francophone Africa.

Faculty Service

Honors and Awards
2005 Who is who Among America’s Teachers.

2002 New York State Woman of Distinction.



Current Research
Oral Culture and Literature of Women of Djerba
The enduring partnership between Jews and Muslims of Djerba
North African women in literature and in culture.

Articles and Presentations:

2008 France, Limoges: Femme Veuve : paria ou messie ?dans une Si Longue Lettre et Chez la femme Jerbienne CIEF (Conseil International d’Etudes Francophones).

2007 French Guyana : La symbolique de l’encens chez la femme de Djerba CIEF (Conseil International d’Etudes Francophones).

2006 Article Published LES CAHIERS DE TUNISIE (Revues des sciences humaines) N° 196 :Femmes poètes ou féministes malgré elles ?).

2006 Romania: Femmes poètes ou féministes malgré elles ? CIEF (Conseil International d’Etudes Francophones).

2005 Translation: Algeria’ Shadows, Lights, silences and Broken Mirrors. From the novel Vaste est la Prison of Assia Djebar.

June 2005 Ottawa, Ontario. "La Chanson dans les films de Moufida Tlatli: une tradition ou une provocation?" Congres Mondial du Conseil International D’Etudes Francophones.

2004 Liège Belgium: Une Société entre deux Silences, Congres Mondial Conseil International D’Etudes Francophone.

2004 Alfred University: “Spaces, Symbols and Ceremonies.” Women’s Studies Roundtable.

2004 Alfred University: “The Role of women in the Djerbian Culture”, Bergren Forum.

2003 New Orleans: "Résurection." Congres Mondial du CIEF.

2002 Ivory Coast, Abidjan: "References historique et culturelles dans les Costumes d’apparat des Femmes de Djerba.”

2002 Ivory Coast, Abidjan: "La Femme Tunisienne: célébrer dans la tradition orale. Un trésor bientôt enseveli," CIEF Conference.

2001 Cincinnati, Ohio: "Tunisian Women—their success story." Cincinnati Conference on Romance Language and Literature.

2000 Tunisia, Sousse: Chaired the Francophone poetry session, CIEF Conference.

2000 Alfred University: Presentation on Tunisia in Global Awareness Roundtable.

1999 Alfred University: “Cultural Diversity in a Campus Environment,” Presentation given at Alfred University, College of Business.

1998 Alfred University: "Feminism and Feminists in the Arab world." Women's Studies Roundtable.

1996 Article Published in Le Voyage Culturel sur I'Histoire des Juifs de Tunisie: "Aperçu Historique De La Communauté juive de Djerba".

1995 SUNY Geneseo: "Women in Tunisia Today: Identity, religion, Arabism, freedom and democracy."

1994 Alfred University: "Women in Tunisia from Carthage to the Atlas." Women's Studies Round Table.

1993 Kentucky: "La Reconquista and the Jews in Leon l'Africain by Amin Maalouf." Kentucky Foreign Languages Conference.

1992 Cancun, Mexico: "The Jewish Community of Djerba Tunisia." American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portugese.

1992 Lafayette, PA: "Today's new challenges in Foreign Language teaching." Lafayette College.

1991 Article Published CCFL (College Consortium of Finger Lakes) Journal: Francophone Writers of North America: The Post-Colonial Experience.

1989 Rutgers, New Jersey: Participated in ETS written proficiency workshop.

1987 Pennsylvania: Participated in ETS oral proficiency workshop, Penn State.