Faculty and Staff
Otto H. Muller
Professor Geology
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location: Science Center 231
Department: Environmental Studies/Geology  
Phone: 607.871.2836  
University of Rochester

University of Rochester

University of Rochester

Teaching Interests
Earthquakes & Volcanoes, Elementary Oceanography, Field Methods in Geology, Geochemistry, Geology of Venus, Geophysics, Lunar Geology, Mineralogy and Petrology, Physical Geology, Sedimentation and Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, Tectonics, the Physical World.

Current Research
Emplacement of igneous intrusions, Interpretation of gravity data, Glacial and post glacial geomorphology.

Selected Publications
Pollard, D.D., Muller, O.H., and Dockstader, D.R., 1975, The Form and Growth of Fingered Sheet Intrusions: Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, 86, pp. 351-363.

Pollard, D.D., and Muller, O.H., 1976, The Effect of Gradients in Regional Stress and Magma Pressure on the Form of Sheet Intrusions in Cross Section: Journal of Geophysical Research, 81, pp. 975-984.

Muller, O.H., and Pollard, D. D., 1977, The Stress State Near Spanish Peaks, Colorado, Determined from a Dike Pattern: Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH), 115, pp. 69-86.

Diment, W. H., Muller, O.H., and Lavin, P.M., 1980, Basement Tectonics of New York and Pennsylvania as revealed by Gravity and Magnetic Studies: Proceedings “The Caledonides in the USA,” Department of Geological Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Memoir No. 2., D.R. Wones, editor, pp. 221-227.

Muller, O.H., and Muller, M.R., 1980, Near Surface Magma Movement: Proceedings of the 11th Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference, pp. 1979-1985.

Muller, O.H., 1986, Changing Stresses During Emplacement of the Radial Dike Swarm at Spanish Peaks, Colorado: Geology, 14, pp. 157-159.

Muller, O.H., 1988, Fractography Applied to Large Scale (m to km) Cracks in the Earth: Advances in Ceramics, 22, Fractography of Glasses and Ceramics, V.D. Frechette and J.R. Varner, editors, pp. 427-439.

Participant : SEA Cruise W-120A, SSV Westward, January, 1992.

Geologic Interpreter & Baggage Boatman, OARS 13 day Grand Canyon trip June, 1991.

Visiting Scientist: SEA Cruise C-112, SSV Corwith Cramer, June, 1990.

Geophysicist, W.A.E., US Geological Survey - May, 1978 to May, 1986.