Faculty and Staff
Robyn Goodman
Professor, Comm Studies
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location: Seidlin Hall 009
Department: Psychology & Communication  
Phone: 607.871.2387  
Robyn Goodman
BA: International Relations/Anthropology
California State University Chico, 1983

MA: Journalism
University of Missouri Columbia, 1985

PhD: Mass Media/Journalism
Michigan State University, 1997

Teaching Interests

News writing, feature writing, international communications, public relations, mass media and society, and media coverage of women and minorities.

Selected Publications

Global Journalism Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Innovations, Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas (2017).

"World Journalism Congress finds numerous issues of international scope," ASJMC Insights (spring 2011): 18-27.

"Dateline South Africa: The 2010 World Journalism Education Congress-- July 5-7, Rhodes University, Grahamstown," International Communication Bulletin, 44 (3-4, fall 2009):2-7.

"The World Journalism Education Congress' Syndicate Reports: Practical Tips for Improving Journalism Education Today," International Communication Bulletin 42 (3-4, fall 2007):48-58.

"Eight Approaches to Improving Journalism Education Worldwide," ASJMC Insights (fall 2007):11-18.

"Internationalizing Journalism and Mass Communication Units," ASJMC Insights (spring 2005):24-34.

"A World Journalism Education Congress Update," International Communication Bulletin 40 (3-4, fall 2005): 1-4.

"50 Fabulous Ways to Internationalize your Journalism and Mass Communication Courses," AEJMC's International Communication Division (January 2005): 1-51.

"The Proposed First Step Toward Internationalizing AEJMC: Creating a World Journalism Education Congress," International Communication Bulletin 39 (3-4, fall 2004): 2-11.

"AEJMC's Road to Internationalization," International Communication Bulletin 38 (1-2, spring 2003): 2-11.

"The Post-Cold War Bulgarian Media: Free and Independent at Last?" International Communication Bulletin 35 (5-6, fall 2000): 10-17.

"Prestige Press Coverage of US-China Policy During the Cold War’s Collapse and Post-Cold War Years: Did a Deteriorating Cold War Paradigm Set the Stage for More Independent Press Coverage" (1999). Gazette: The International Journal for Communication Studies, 61, 5.

"How two papers covered president and congress in China trade controversy," Newspaper Research Journal 19 (4, fall 1998): 40-57.

"Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s First Amendment Approach to Free Expression: A Decade in Review" (1993). Communications and the Law, 15, 4.

Current Research

U.S. and Global Journalism Education; U.S. China News Coverage; Social Construction of Knowledge