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Firm foundation
Alfred University's geology major provides an educational framework that allows students, no matter what their background, to pursue an understanding of our planet, the processes acting on it, and its history in order to gain a better appreciation of human interactions with our geologic environment. We provide the foundation students need to pursue graduate programs in geology, environmental science, hydrology, or planetary science; to teach high school earth science; or to pursue a career using geology. Students who simply wish to learn more about the earth are welcome as well.

Interdisciplinary approach
Geology has always been interdisciplinary, and the geology program at Alfred University prides itself on being welcoming and receptive to students with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Over the years we have successfully embraced the world-view of artists and engineers, athletes and nerds, wallflowers and actors. Each has brought insights and perspectives that have enriched the learning experiences of all.

The roles played by physics, chemistry and biology, and their interactions on and within the earth, form a rich base. How data from these fields are acquired, processed, and interpreted, (today and historically) provides fertile material for intellectual exploration. In our program, students find their imagination stretched, their computational skills exercised, and their perceptions enhanced.

As is generally true in the liberal arts curriculum, our goal is to enrich a student's life by introducing new ways of thinking. This, in turn, will change the way one conceives of the earth, of time, and of nature itself.

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