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English : Major Requirements

English majors are encouraged to assume responsibility for the direction of their education by developing a course of study based on their goals. From the numerous courses offered, a total of 44 semester hours in English is required.

Requirements for the English Major
Course Credits
One 200-level literature class (“A” Area of Knowledge) 4
ENGL 325 Survey of British Literature I 3
ENGL 326 Survey of British Literature II 3
ENGL 327 Survey of American Literature 4
ENGL 328 The Language of Literary Art 4
400-level coursework in writing and literature 26
Total Credit Hours 44

Note: ENGL 450-Independent Study does not count toward the major. ENGL 496-English Honors Thesis may be counted toward the major. Also, the Division of English strongly recommends that English majors complete the intermediate level of a foreign language. Students may count one literature course (300-level or above) taken in a foreign language towards the English major.

English 102, Writing II, is strongly recommended as a foundation course for all English majors.


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