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Publishing through Print-On-Demand Technologies:
Dr. Allen Grove is using print-on-demand technologies with his students to publish a collection of ghost stories.

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An integrated program
The English major at AU is an integrated program in literature and creative writing. The English faculty offers traditional survey and period courses, as well as topics courses reflecting their wide-ranging interests. Offerings have included Tales of Terror, Black Women Writers, The Literature of the Vietnam War, New American Poetry, Playwriting, Tales of King Arthur, Shakespeare and Cinema, Native American Literature, Autobiography, Literary London, and Literature and Science.

Individualized approach
After students complete introductory courses in British Literature, American Literature, and the art of writing, they develop individualized plans of study with their advisors. Some English majors specialize in creative writing while others focus on literary works of a particular genre, period, or nationality. Still others explore the full breadth of courses the division offers.

Small classes
Because our majors develop writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills in seminars of no more than fifteen students, they are well prepared for success in whatever careers they choose. Our graduates have gone on to competitive humanities PhD programs (UNC Chapel Hill, Johns Hopkins, George Mason, Tufts) and law and business schools. Other graduates have developed successful careers in teaching, publishing, financial services, and business consulting.

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