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Communication Studies : Major

Core courses
The Communication Studies major enables students to develop a critical, historical, and practical understanding of human communication as it occurs in a variety of contexts. The core courses examine elements of the process of communication in a program that is grounded in humanistic tradition and contemporary social science. The elective courses enable students to focus on specific contexts such as media studies, journalism, or organizational communication.

Plan of study
The plan of study is designed not only for students planning to pursue careers as leaders in fields such as electronic media, journalism, and public relations, but also for those who wish to acquire an awareness of general communications principles applicable to many careers. Moreover, since many Communication Studies courses investigate the impact of communication upon society, the major also provides a solid foundation for graduate study in Communications and related disciplines including Law, Business, and the Social Sciences.

The major consists of six core courses (24 credits), three upper-level electives (12 credits), and two lower-level electives (8 credits).

Major Requirements
The following courses, comprising a total of 44 credits, must be passed with a grade of "C" or better:

Core Requirements (24 hours)
COMM 101 Introduction Communication Studies 4 hrs.
COMM 110 Mass Media and American Life 4 hrs.
COMM 205 Introductory Newswriting & Reporting 4 hrs.
COMM 301 Broadcasters, Advertisers, and Audiences 4 hrs.
COMM 309 Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility 4 hrs.
COMM 410 Communication Ethics 4 hrs.

20 hours selected in consultation with advisor; at least 12 hours must be at the 300 or 400 level.

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