College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Scholes Lecture

The Samuel R. Scholes Jr. endowed lectureship started in 1999 and was established by the very generous donation of Joshua Fierer to honor his mentor and long time friend. Since that time, we have had the privilege to honor Sam in this way each year. Traditionally, the Scholes lecture also serves as a meeting of the Corning division of the ACS. Starting in 2010, a poster session will also be held prior to the dinner reception. Below, you will find a list of all of the past. Sadly, on May 24th, 2012, about 10 days before Sam's 97th birthday, Professor Scholes passed away. Until two days before his death, he lived independently. Alfred University and every life that Sam touched will miss him dearly and the 2013 lecture will therefore be the first one held in his honor.

2014 Dr. Donna Nelson Breaking Good: Correcting Bad Science
Dr. Nelson speaks about her experience as the science director for the Hit series "Breaking Bad", as well as other series, and how she is determined to correct science, specifically chemistry, on television.
2013 Dr. David L Bisch Professor and Murray Chair of Clay Mineralogy Indiana University speaks about The Mars Science Laboratory Experience.
2012 Professor Matt McIntosh

The Role of Organic Synthesis in Drug Discovery



Roy Gephart
Environmental Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington

Across Generations: The Environmental Legacy of the Hanford Site



Dr. Larry Bowers
Chief Science Officer
United States Anti-Doping Agency

Lessons from 18 Years of Testing for Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Olympic Sport: Communicating Technical Findings in an Increasingly Non-technical World



David Corcoran
Assistant science editor
of the New York Times

Science times: How We Put It Out, Why It’s in Danger, and Why the World Needs it More Than Ever


Dr. Paul Anastis
Yale University

Green Chemistry: Current Status and Future Direction


Dr. Eric R. Scerri

The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance


Dr. Mary Ellan Bowden
Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Changing Lives of Women Chemists


Dr. Terry A Michalske
Sandia National Lab,
AU grad 1975

Integrated Nanotechnology-Putting Small Things to Work


Dr. Carleton Moore
Arizona State, AU grad 1954, honorary Ph.D. 1977

The Chemistry of Meteorites: Messengers from Time and Space


Dr. Madeline Jacobs
Editor-in-Chief, C & E News

The Two Cultures, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


Dr. Lawrence M. Principe
The Johns Hopkins University

Robert Boyle and the Philosopher’s Stone: Taking Alchemy Seriously

Dr. Carl Djerassi
Stanford University

Noble Science and Nobel Lust: Disclosing Tribal Secrets

Dr. Roald Hoffman
Cornell University,
Nobel Laureate, 1981

One Culture or the Commonalities and Differences Between the Arts and the Sciences

Mary Virginia Orna
College of New Rochelle and Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Shroud of Turin and Other Mysteries: Uncovering Traces of the Past through Science