College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Chem Club

For the fall 2012 semester, our meetings are from 7:30-~8:00pm on Tuesdays. We meet in Myers 215!!!!!

Outstanding Lab Assistant Award
In the fall 2009 semester, the Club recognized one of our General Chemistry lab assistants for their outstanding work in this service to the department, their fellow students and Alfred University. The club now has a very well established set of criteria for this award. Since that time, the club has regularly honored an outstanding Lab Assistant in this way. The list of these outstanding Lab Assistants continues to grow!

Outstanding Junior Award
Starting in the 2011-2012 academic year, the club began issuing award to the an outstanding Junior whom is a chemistry major or chemistry minor. Applicants had to apply for the award and meet a set of criteria, as judged by individuals selected around campus. A diverse group of three judges applied these criteria to choose the most outstanding junior. We look forward to watching this list of outstanding juniors grow in the years to come.

The Division of Chemistry is grateful for the Club's willingness to use Club funds to recognize the outstanding work of its colleagues in these ways.