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Program of distinctionChemistry Students
The mission of the Alfred University Department of Chemistry is to promote and support the development of all students into insatiable, lifelong learners who are upstanding members of their communities, distinguished by:

  • A high degree of intellectual curiosity,
  • An ability to solve problems efficiently and effectively,
  • An ability to communicate effectively with professional and lay audiences,
  • A passion for their chosen vocation,
  • A fundamentally sound knowledge of chemistry,
  • Superior preparation toward obtaining a terminal degree in their field,
  • An understanding of the place of chemistry within natural science, and
  • A comprehension of the relationship between natural science, the environment, and the rest of human culture.

The American Chemical Society has given its approval to Alfred University's program. Only one in four undergraduate Chemistry programs is able to achieve that distinction.

Coursecasting in the Chemistry Classroom:
Dr. John D'Angelo is using Panapto Coursecasting software to extend learning beyond the classroom.

See how other Alfred University Faculty make use of technology in their classrooms

Chemistry major
The core major provides a firm background for entry into the chemistry job market, for advanced study in the discipline, for advanced study in a related discipline, or a foundation for various professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law or library science. Course requirements for a chemistry major.

Chemistry minor
A chemistry minor enables students to tailor their studies to complement a major in other fields. For example, a biology major might emphasize organic chemistry whereas a student in ceramic science might focus on inorganic chemistry. Course requirements for a chemistry minor.

Our instrument room, which is an essential part of our program, is well-equipped with computer-controlled, research-grade instruments. More importantly, our students get hands-on experience with them by their second year. Learn more about research experiences for undergraduates.

There are four faculty, all of whom have Ph.D. degrees. Their expertise spans the four major subdivisions of chemistry, and they share that expertise with their students through active undergraduate research programs. All are professionals who are truly dedicated to undergraduate education. Chemistry faculty profiles.

Successful graduates
Our majors have been very successful in gaining entrance to graduate and professional programs and in obtaining jobs in the chemical industry or in secondary education. The vast majority are in positions for which their experiences at Alfred are an essential prerequisite. Learn more about careers in chemistry.

Outstanding Student Award
Since 1962, the Department of Chemistry has awarded an outstanding student award to 47 of our students. Each of the recipients of this award have maintained impressive overall GPAs and provided loyal services to the department such as serving as lab assistants, group tutors and volunteering to perform demonstrations for the local schools during their career at Alfred University. List of Outstanding Student awardees.

Chemistry Club
The Alfred University Department of Chemistry has an active Chemistry Club that is now officially a student chapter of the American Chemical Society. Learn more about the Chemistry Club at Alfred University.

Scholes Lecture
Each year, in the spring, the Alfred University Department of Chemistry holds a special lectureship in honor of emeritus faculty-member, Professor Samuel R. Scholes, Jr. Learn more about the Scholes Lecture.

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