College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Biology : Independent Study

Study what you love
Independent study projects in biology provide an opportunity for students to pose original questions of interest to them and formulate responses which may be research based, literature based, or the result of a creative endeavor. Students are encouraged to have fun with their projects and enjoy the opportunity for in-depth study in an area of their choosing.

Students develop and carry out their ideas with the advice and guidance of a faculty member and the final project is presented to the Division of Biology in the form of a thesis, poster, oral presentation, or other acceptable format.

Course credit
The independent study is taken as either BIO 450 (Independent Study) or BIO 495 (ARGUS).

Students may apply for an Alfred Research Grant for Undergraduate Students (ARGUS) to help fund their projects. Faculty may have other sources of funding to support student work as well. Learn more about ARGUS.