College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Biology: Facilities

State-of-he-art Facilities
With 2,500 square feet of research-dedicated laboratory facilities and equipment and four teaching classroom/laboratories, Alfred University provides the tools and support students need to conduct meaningful, in-depth biological research.

Four teaching classroom/laboratories are specially designed and equipped to support our discovery-based approach to learning.

  • SC 301 – Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry laboratory and classroom
  • SC 303 – Flexible active learning classroom, supporting a number of biological disciplines
  • SC 306 – Anatomy and Physiology laboratory and classroom
  • SC325/325A – Cell Biology and Microbiology laboratory and adjoining incubator and independent project space (a BSL2 facility)

Core Research Laboratories
Several faculty maintain research programs in our dedicated Core facility. Specialized equipment supports tissue culture, microbiology, molecular biology, and plant biology efforts and includes: a laminar flow tissue culture hood, high speed centrifuges, a chemiluminescent imager, a BioRad real time PCR machine, oxygen analyzer, and a liquid phase oxygen electrode system to photosynthesis and respiration studies. Plant biology facilities include several environmentally controlled growth chambers and a new state of the art Plant Biology research facility. There is a separate 375 sq. foot preparation room housing our pure water system, media preparation and dishwashing facilities, and two sterilizers.

All biology students are encouraged to participate in research opportunities by becoming involved in faculty research projects, by designing their own independent research projects, and pursuing ARGUS grants (learn more about ARGUS). With training, all department equipment listed below is available for use in undergraduate independent and classroom research projects.