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Biology is the study of life and living things from individual cells to complex organisms and ecosystems. Alfred University’s Division of Biology provides students with a diverse education in the liberal arts and a strong biological foundation for a variety of career interests. In addition to the major in biology, the Division offers a minor in biology. AU's Inamori School of Engineering also offers a minor in biomaterials engineering.

Hands-on, interactive learning
The Biology Division promotes and supports hands-on, interactive learning through laboratory and field courses, inquiry-based instruction, research activities, internships, and discussions/seminars concerning modern biological research. Students at AU have many opportunities to conduct research by becoming involved in faculty research projects or by designing their own independent research projects. Many classroom laboratory activities blossom into student-directed independent study courses.

Equipment and facilities
The Division of Biology houses a variety of research-grade equipment including digital imaging systems, laminar flow hoods, fluorescent and phase-contrast microscopes, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, molecular biology equipment, field sampling equipment and environmental growth chambers. All facilities are available for students to use with the appropriate training and supervision. Learn more about our biology facilities.

The Division faculty members each have a different area of expertise which is readily shared with students through active research projects. All of our faculty members hold the highest degree in their field and are committed to helping students succeed with their undergraduate education.

Prepared for success
The biology major at AU prepares students for post-graduate study in health-related professions, graduate study in numerous biological disciplines from biotechnology to ecology, as well as for career opportunities such as secondary education and research.

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Division Chairperson: Professor Jean Cardinale
Ph: 607-871-2205

Division Secretary: Shannon Yocum
Ph: 607-871-2635



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