College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

General Education Requirement
All students in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences are required to complete a series of general education requirements. These requirements are divided into two parts: Basic Competencies and Areas of Knowledge. Learn more about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Requirements.

Students are encouraged to complete the General Education Program during their first two years of study. The competency requirements may be satisfied either through proficiency examinations (which carry no academic credit) or course work (which does carry academic credit).

First-Year Experience (FYE) Requirement
All students are required to participate in an FYE course during their first semester at AU. For first-year students, this requirement is met by taking a General Education course that has been designated as an "FYE" course. For transfer students, the requirement must be completed by taking LAS 101 (Transfer Student Seminar). Lean more about the First-Year Experience Program.

Departmental Requirements
Each major and minor in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has its own requirements, and students are responsible for making sure that these are met.

Graduation Requirements
Official graduation requirements are set forth in the Alfred University Catalog which is the official document containing academic regulations. The list below is provided as an overview.

  • A minimum of 124 credit hours and an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Completion of a First-Year Experience (FYE)
  • Completion of all General Education Requirements with grades of D or higher
  • Completion of all requirements for a Major with grades of C or higher
  • Completion of the University's Graduation requirements
  • Timely completion of all paperwork