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Life skills
Students in Alfred University's psychology program learn about human behavior, develop self-discovery skills, and learn to think critically about themselves and others.

Hands-on experience
Supervised counseling courses and internships offered exclusively at Alfred University provide opportunities for applying classroom learning to real-life settings. There are also opportunities for practical experience through directed research and independent study.

Alfred University's psychology program gives students the option of concentrating in any of three specialties within the field (Clinical/Counseling, Child, or Experimental) or choosing to complete a broad-based, non-specialized general psychology major.

Six full-time faculty members, each holding a Ph.D. in psychology, and with diverse research interests, offer a broad range of courses and give students the opportunity to engage in research in a variety of areas. At Alfred, students work directly with their professors as they prepare for employment or graduate study in psychology.

Gerontology program
The Psychology Division administers an interdisciplinary program in Gerontology, the study of aging. Like the psychology program, the gerontology program provides students with a broad array of courses and hands-on experience, preparing them for employment or graduate training in the field. Learn more about the Gerontology program.


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