College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Physics and Astronomy : Major

Core Requirements

First and Second Years:
PHY 125 Physics I
PHY 126 Physics II
PHY 325 Elementary Optics
PHY 326 Elementary Modern Physics

Third and Fourth years:
PHY 341 Advanced Laboratory
PHY 401 Quantum Physics
PHY 421 Statistical and Thermal Physics
PHY 423 Advanced Mechanics
PHY 424 Advanced Electricity & Magnetism
Plus a minimum of eight credit hours from one of the concentrations.

Total credits 40

General Physics concentration:
8 credits from among:
PHY 342 Advanced Laboratory II (2)
PHY 400 Computer Interfacing (4)
PHY 425 Advanced Optics (2)
PHY 495 ARGUS Project/independent study (3-6), or any of the courses outlined in the other concentrations, with no more than four credits from any one concentration

Astrophysics concentration:
8 credits from among:
AST 302 Planetary Science (2)
AST 303 Stellar Astronomy (3)
AST 304 Galactic Astronomy and Cosmology (3)
AST 307 Observational Astronomy (2)

Solid State Physics concentration:
8 credits from among:
CES 309 Properties of Ceramics II: Optical, Electrical and Magnetic Properties (3)
CES 348 Atomic and Molecular Characterization (4)
CES 424 Optical Properties of Glasses and Ceramics (3)
CES 477 Elementary Spectroscopy (4)
CES 541 Solid State Physics I (3)
CES 542 Solid State Physics II (3)

Mechanical Systems concentration:
8 credits from among:
MED 312 Fluid Mechanics (3)
MED 391 Thermodynamics II (3)
MED 425 Advanced Fluid Mechanics (3)
MED 432 Advanced Heat Transfer
MED 440 Mechanical Vibrations (3)

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