College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Performance Design and Technology

Alfred University - Performing Arts - Set Design The Division of Performing Arts has an active production schedule of main stage theatrical productions and a number of small studio works, as well as offering design and technical support for the dance and music events. The main stage productions are in either the C.D. Smith III Theatre, a black box/experiential space, or the larger Miller Theater. Students interested in Design and/or the Technical area can choose their level of involvement, which can be anywhere from taking a design class to learning the basic tools to designing the sound, lighting, make-up, costumes or scenery. Our program is small enough to focus on the individual needs of each student while recognizing and further developing the unique talents each student brings to the program.

Students are encouraged to learn about the wholeness and complexity of any type of performance, and to recognize the necessity for seamless collaboration between the director/producer, designer and craft persons. Offering technical support for music and dance exposes students to the the different needs of non-theatre productions.

We have a selection of design and technology classes which combined with hands-on training give a student the experience to succeed in the professional world. We regularly offer classes for design in scenery, costume, make-up, lighting, sound; design for dance; prop making; masks, makeup and set and costume construction. All courses in design and technology are designated as PDAT, Performance Design and Technology, and beginning in the Spring of 2013, we added a minor in Performance Design and Technology.

Alfred University - Performing Arts - LightingOur main focus is to make sure our students are well prepared and capable to be admitted to the best graduate programs in the United States as well as those abroad. We are familiar with the requirements and teaching methods of many leading institutions. However, students who decide to enter the professional world should have sufficient and extensive knowledge and skills to do so. To further enhance a student's academic experience, we have several professional workshops throughout the year. These include workshops by artistic directors and shop managers familiar with the technical aspects of productions. We have also offered workshops by professionals who are familiar with the hiring process and what someone beginning their career in theatre might expect. Many of our students work professionally during the summer and are employed in theatres in New York State, New York City, Pittsburgh and Boston as stage managers, designers.