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Alfred University's Division of Mathematics offers the kind of program that cannot be found in most liberal arts colleges. Because we are a university with significant engineering programs, we can offer a curriculum that is more applications-oriented than those found at traditional liberal arts schools.

We offer courses in classical applied math (partial differential equations, Fourier series) as well as some of the most modern developments such as operations research, numerical techniques, and modeling. While we have traditional coursework in things like linear algebra and advanced calculus, we also offer a statistics course and, from time to time, special topics courses.

Personal interaction
Faculty in the Mathematics Division enjoy a level of personal interaction with students, which is unusual even among small colleges. Faculty offices are located around the Math Common Room, a space with a large table and chairs where students feel free to drop in all day. Whether using this room for study or visiting a teacher, students quickly become accustomed to talking with faculty outside of class.

The six faculty members are all dedicated to teaching and advising, as well as to mathematics itself. Their interests are diverse -- number theory, probability, new-age computer technology.

Successful graduates
Some of our graduates go on to advanced study in mathematics; others pursue advanced study in a math-related area such as management or industrial engineering. About half of our students are preparing for high school teaching. Learn more about careers in mathematics.

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