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Geoffrey M. Bowers
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Phone: 607.871.2822  
BS: Chemical Engineering
Purdue University, 8/2002

PhD: Chemistry
Penn State University, 8/2006

Dr. Bowers has a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. While at Purdue, he also participated in the cooperative education program, working as a materials development engineer for Raytech Composites in Crawfordsville, Indiana, and minored in chemistry. Dr. Bowers attended graduate school in chemistry at Penn State University and worked with Prof. Karl T. Mueller, an expert in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of solids. Dr. Bowers thesis work involved studying the transport and binding of strontium by clay minerals on a molecular scale using solid-state NMR. This research was motivated by a need to understand the transport of radionuclides leaked from high-level radioactive tank waste at US Department of Energy sites such as Hanford, WA. Dr. Bowers spent a significant amount of time performing research at the national laboratory located in Hanford and has been awarded the greatest amount of instrument time on the 900 MHz wide-bore NMR spectrometer at this facility. After completing graduate school in under four years, Dr. Bowers held post-doctoral research positions with Prof. R. James Kirkpatrick in the department of geology at the University of Illinois and in the department of chemistry at Michigan State University, where he studied the molecular-scale dynamics of ions at environmentally important surfaces using NMR. During his post-doctoral appointment at Michigan State, Dr. Bowers spent a year as a Visiting Assistant Professor of chemistry at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, filling in for their environmental chemist who was on sabbatical. Dr. Bowers is currently the Dr. Sanford S. Cole and Francis Halderman Cole Assistant Professor of Chemistry and holds an adjunct appointment as Assistant Professor in the Inamori School of Engineering. Dr. Bowers teaching interests include physical chemistry, general chemistry, and environmental chemistry. The research Dr. Bowers performs at Alfred involves studying the structure and dynamics of environmental and engineering materials using NMR. Dr. Bowers is happily married and has a basenji named Cooper. For more information on Dr. Bowers professional or recreational interests, visit his website.
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