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Biology : Major

BA with a concentration in Biology, for students who enter Fall 2014 and after
In the fall 2014 semester, first year Biology students will enter a revised Biology curriculum. A developmental core will provide students with a conceptual framework and strong foundation of the Biology major. Critical thinking and problem solving skills will be developed through student-centered courses while technical skills will be honed in laboratory sessions, thus preparing students for upper level research intensive courses and independent studies. Students are encouraged to take at least one research intensive course towards completion of the Biology electives.

Courses required for Biology Majors (printable version) for students entering in the Fall 2014 semester and after. A Planning Grid is available with our recommended sequence for core and specialization courses in the Biology major.

Course Offerings and Biology's Three Year Plan
Course offerings and descriptions are available via the AU Course Catalog. Many upper division courses in Biology are offered on an alternate year structure. In order to help our students plan ahead, please download a copy of our current Three Year Plan (printable version). *Please note this three year plan represents our "best guess." Offerings may shift in response to student needs and/or faculty staffing*

BA with a concentration in Biology, for students who enter prior to Fall 2014
Required courses in the concentration establish a core of fundamental knowledge in biological and related sciences. Students build on this foundation through a variety of lecture, laboratory, field, and seminar courses that explore areas within biology from the basic level to current research topics.

Courses required for the biology majors for students entering prior to the Fall 2014 semester

  • BIOL 201/202 General Biology I and II
  • BIOL 226 Biostatistics
  • BIOL 365 Genetics
  • CHEM 105/106 General Chemistry I and II
  • CHEM 310 or CHEM 315/316 Organic Chemistry
  • BIOL 390/490 Two semesters of biology seminar
  • 24 credits of biology electives, with at least four credits in each of the following areas: Cell and Molecular, Organisms, Ecology and Evolution.

Upper level requirements and electives are determined according to your career interests and your decision to focus on cell/molecular biology or organismal/ ecological biology.

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